Our Love

 By Gill Oliver & Andy Bell

“I wrote this song to consider the refusal of institutions and the church to allow gay people to marry and be a part of a faith principally about love. ‘Our Love’ asks ‘What are you gonna do for them tomorrow? ’ My hopes for the future are that this song is accepted and used to reflect the love of people for one another regardless of: creed, colour, sexuality, ability, class or wealth. My belief is that we are all essentially the same and wish to be treated and accepted as such. ‘And all the young just want to love’ promotes this feeling and advocates for young and old alike. I hope to inspire change through my song and invite people to unite through the most powerful force in the world. ‘Our Love’ has been lovingly put together  by like-minded people of differing sexual orientations who all believe in the freedom to express and the same human rights for all. ‘Our Love’ is for anyone who has felt unable to express their love in the conventions that surround us and have been rejected by the very people that should embrace them.”

-Gill Oliver

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About The Band

We are:

  • Gill Oliver
  • Andy Bell
  • Jo Kerr

Gill, Jo and Andy have been working with session musicians to record these songs and are combining rock with jazz. It’s all in the beat on their forthcoming album – ‘Moving On’. They are close friends with a strong working dynamic and an ability to get the best from one another. They have a refreshing outlook and a strong sense of social responsibility but are also able to let their hair down and are great fun to be around.

Plays bass and provides backing vocals. Gill has been writing songs and collaborating with Andy and others to produce her own songs that tell a story. She has a passion to communicate equality, fairness, and diversity through her songwriting. Her lyrics are insightful, powerful and commanding, commenting on the human condition with a passion for affirmation and a desire for all voices to be heard.

Is a well-respected guitarist and singer/songwriter. He performs his songs with his Indie band ‘Spacecake’. He will provide backing vocals and plays lead guitar on live performances with ‘Affirmation‘. He has a love for harmonies and a groove beat which features in the music he writes.

Is a singer and entertainer and has been singing with rock bands for 25 years. She teaches singing and confidence in performance as well as playing the ukulele and guitar. Jo performs with the ukulele band D’Ukes and also has a love for and understanding of harmonies and believes the world has a lot to learn from the power of combined voices. She sings lead vocals with ‘Affirmation‘.

Jo Kerr

Lead Vocals

Gill Oliver

Bass/Backing Vocals

Andy Bell

Guitar/Backing Vocals